Testing Waffleweb

This page is for how to test waffleweb waffleweb on the backend. If you are contributing to waffleweb, you will probably need to write tests.

Running the Tests

To run the tests all you have to do is download the repository from here. You can then traverse to folder in the terminal, and run the following command.

python3 -m unittest discover -s tests -p '*Test.py'

If the tests are not running, make sure Waffleweb is installed.

Writing Tests

The Waffleweb tests use the unittest library. To learn how to use the unittest library you can go to this tutorial.

Special Testing Methods

WaffleApp objects have a special method for sending test requests to the apps without running a server. The method is called request. The request method takes one argument: a raw bytes request. The request goes through the same process that requests take when going through the server. This means that middleware will also work.

import unittest

class TestClass(unittest.TestCase):
    def test_app(self):
        app = WaffleApp('testApp')

        def index(request):
            return HTTPResponse(request, 'index')

        res = app.request(b'GET /index HTTP/1.1\r\n\r\n')
        self.assertEqual(res.content, b'index')