class waffleweb.request.Request(rawRequest, IP, wsgi=False)

A object for storing all the request data.

  • rawRequest (bytes) - The raw request.

  • IP (str) - The IP of the client sending the request.

  • wsgi (bool) - If the request is wsgi or not.

Important attributes:
  • FILES (dict) - The uploaded files of the request.

  • META (MultiValueOneKeyDict) - The headers of the request.

  • POST (dict) - The POST data of the request.

  • URL_PARAMS (dict) - The URL parameters of the request.

  • body (bytes) - The body of the request.

  • COOKIES (Cookies) - All the request`s cookies.


Parses and gets all the post and file data and adds them to the POST and FILES attributes.

Returns: None


Parses and gets the body then returns it.

Returns: str

property path()

Returns the URL of the request.

Returns: str

property method()

Returns the HTTP method of the request.

Returns: str

property HTTPVersion()

Returns the HTTP version of the request.

Returns: str

function waffleweb.request.matchVariableInURL(indexOfVar, urlVarData, splitUri)

This is used to match a part in a requested URL, to a URL variable in a view. It also converts the variable to the type. Returns a tuple with the name of the variable and the value: (‘name’, ‘value’).

  • indexOfVar (int) - The index of the part in the URL to convert.

  • urlVarData (tuple) - The name and type of the variable - (‘name’, ‘type’).

  • splitUri (list) - The split URI to match the variable to.

Returns: tuple

function waffleweb.request.findView(request)

Finds the view function matching the URL and the URL variables in a dictionary, If a view matching the URL can’t be found a HTTP404 will be raised. Returns (view function, {‘arg’: argvalue, … }).

  • request (Request) - The request to get find the view from.

Returns: tuple

function waffleweb.request.getResponse(request, debug=False)

This function returns a response.

  • request (Request) - The request to get the data from.

  • debug (bool) (optional) - If debug mode is on.

Returns: HTTPResponse