function waffleweb.static.findStatic(path)

This function takes a file name or path, and adds the your STATIC_DIR or the defualt static path to the start of it. This is to separate the static finder from the static opener so you can provide your own static finder.

  • path (str) - The path to find the static file path from.

Returns: A file object

function waffleweb.static.openStatic(file, mode='rb', buffering=-1, encoding=None, errors=None, newline=None, closefd=True, opener=None)

Opens a static file. takes all the same arguments as open(). It’s basically just open, but it puts the file through findStatic or your static finder function.

Returns: a file object

function waffleweb.static.getStaticFileResponse(request, root, ext)

Finds a static file and puts it into a FileResponse. If cannot find file, it raises HTTP404.

  • request (Request) - The request for the response.

  • root (str) - The path to the file.

  • ext (str) - The file extension.

Returns: FileResponse